When Wang Xizhi meets Picasso --Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Opening Ceremony byProfessor YANG Jianwen


When Wang Xizhi meets Picasso

--Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Opening Ceremony byProfessor YANG Jianwen

13rd, July the calligraphy and painting exhibition opening ceremony was held at the Confucius Institute of Freiburg. Under blue sky and white clouds, the audiences enjoyed a memorable evening full of collision and blending between Western paintings and Chinese calligraphy art.

Not only audiences from all sides in Freiburg, but also a delegation from Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) and decant of Sinology at University of Freiburg Prof. Dr. Spakowski. The Minister-Counsellor of SISU, Dr. JIANG Feng, gave a speech at the beginning and said that, comparing to technology, art is able to unite the power of humanity. This is what the speech by Prof. Yang shows. He compared the calligraphy works of Wang Xizhi with Picasso’s Cubism Paintings, and pointed that, both of them are similar, because they are in the two-dimensional plane but show a three-dimensional observation, at the moment of Synchronicity they shared a fusion of all layers of diachrony. A jamming of Western and Eastern art and of aesthetic thinking made this a very impressive evening for all.After the speeches, the audiences had a wonderful feast under candle light: eating excellent catering food and appreciating the exhibition. Prof. Yang told the stories of his 12 zodiac paintings and his thinking of the same origin of calligraphy and painting, the philosophical connotations and humanistic solicitude in Chinese calligraphy art, as well as his impression of Europe and its surroundings, including the Black Forest and Freiburg, in his paintings and calligraphy. The audiences asked questions while listening to him, shared their own understanding of Western and Eastern culture and art.

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