2021 Hauts-de-France Region Digital Chinese New Year Intercultural Conference France and China facing new challenges: The New Silk Roads

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 Wednesday, February 3rd, Local time, it was the third day of the Chinese New Year Week in cooperation with the Confucius Institute of Artois and Artois University. From 18:00 to 20:00, Luisa Prudentino, a professor at the French National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations, Gianpaolo Camaggio, a Chinese consultant and expert, Jin Siyan, a professor at the University of Aldovado, and the French resident Vincent Perrin, the former economic counselor of the Chinese Embassy, brought a intercultural conference entitled France and China facing new challenges: The New Silk Roads through ZOOM.

 Luisa Prudentino's report The cinema of the Silk Road countriesthrough the prism of othernesskicked off the conference. She pointed out that Cinema has indeed played a central role in the learning of the Other. Citing films from some countries on the Silk Road as an example, she indicated that cultural encounters and collisions make the new "others" more united, richer and more complex. GianpaoloCamaggio’s analysis was based in particular on the business practices of SMEs in China, as well as on the speaker's personal experience as a commercial advisor to Italian companies and institutions in managing relations with Chinese partners in China and Italy, from the legal system framework to personnel management (including language and cultural differences) in the analysis of various issues, comparing the views of Italy and China. He also pointed out that Italian companies regard cultural and language aspects as the most critical issues. The speech of professor Jin Siyan was titled Expectations and strategic aspects of the participating countries of the New Silk Road. What chance will it be for the youth? Professor Jin divided them into 5 groups based on the characteristics of the 22 participating countries on the Silk Road, analyzed the status and relationship of each group, and finally summarized the five main and strategic expectations. In the report The Prospects of the Silk Road in Europe, Vincent Perrin used his experience as a senior official in the economic, financial and related sectors as Starting point, reviewing the development of the Silk Road, Europe needs to propose new strategies based on the relationship of confrontation/competition/cooperation. “The New Silk Road" project is attractive to Europe, but it is also an important issue.

 The conference attracted 60 attendees, deepening people's understanding of the ancient and great Silk Road, as well as cross-cultural dialogue, exchanges and cooperation.

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